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Your Customer

Trying to save:

Wants to avoid:

Why they choose you:

Really wants...

The reality is...

Is frustrated with...

Lit Tip:

Customer segments is a phrase that describes the different kinds, types or groups of customers you serve. Generally, the more refined, or "niched-down" your customer segments are, the more effective your digital marketing can be. Consider ways you can get more specific about your key audiences by thinking about subsets or customers inside that you could market to effectively.

Marketing Profile

Igniting Insights

Brand Brilliance

Your customers admire brands like these:

Lit Tip:

Think about one of these concepts for your digital marketing: Attraction, Acquisition, and Retention. Generally, you’ll want a focused strategy for each of these that aligns with the customer’s unique perspective. And be mindful of what your competitors are up to. Especially in the Attraction phase, they’ll judge and compare everything from your fonts and colors to your prices and priorities.

Marketing Plan

Igniting Insights

Digital Dreams

Websites like these resonate with your audience:


If your website doesn’t hit these marks, you’re probably losing business. We can help.


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Marketing Messages

Explore ways messages like these can help drive your marketing narrative. These ideas are crafted using the AIDA framework. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action – a proven method to captivate your audience, generate interest, build desire, and drive action.

Magnetic Messaging

Headlines can be the key to capturing attention, engaging your audience, and driving click-throughs. A strong headline is your first impression, enticing visitors to explore further.

Lead Generation

Fuel your business growth by connecting with your target audience, capturing their interest, and nurturing them into valuable customers.

8-Week Content Marketing Map

Hey, you have the plan. Now get it in gear with done-for-you content marketing. AttractionEngine puts podcasts, videos, blogs and social media management to work for you. You have to see it to believe, and we can’t wait to show you what’s possible.


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