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From Flicker to Flame

Ignite your marketing in minutes

Build and begin next-level digital marketing, tailored for your business and audience.

Resources are tight

Most of us don’t have marketing teams. We have marketing hats. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy sounds like a nice to have…when you have all kinds of time and a few grand to throw at it. Yeah…no.

You're all up in the tactics

Boost the post, buy the ad, tweet the thing, tok the tik. Without a clue about your customers and why they choose you (or don’t), you’re just throwing money at platforms. We’re just saying, throw money at your business instead.

Execution sucks

Raise your hand if you’ve watched the video, listened to the podcast, or read the post that told you how important content marketing is. Cool, raise your hand if you’ve stuck with it for more than 2 weeks.

MarketingSpark solves this.

MarketingSpark is stupid easy. You conversationally answer a few questions, which will maybe take you ten minutes. Aaaaand you’re done. Minutes later you’ll have a comprehensive customer profile, strategic overview and tactical plan.

Know Who You’re Talking To & Why They’re Listening.

You’ll get a comprehensive overview of who you’re trying to do business with. What they’re hoping for, what annoys them in the process, and what makes them tick. Cut through assumptions and presumptions so you can tailor your marketing to people, not abstract ideas.

Profiles in Personalized Perspective

Insights transform into essential ideas on how to approach digital marketing most effectively. Expert analysis, guidance and advice are tailored specifically to your business and your customers, giving you actionable insights on what’s likely to be most effective.

Tactical. Tailored.

Now we’re ready for rollout with copy-this-paste-that messaging and ideas that take all the hassle out of marketing.

  • Two distinct Marketing Messages that directly connect your customers’ needs and wants to what makes you the ideal option.
  • 5 examples of Magnetic Messaging, each a headline and sub-headline. Put them to work on your website, in emails, on your posts and ads, wherever.
  • 5 Lead Generation ideas, crafted specifically to stir engagement and tell your unique story.

Plus guidance on web strategies to consider and common issues to avoid.

8 Weeks of Wow They Weren’t Kidding

Put everything together in a done-for-you 8 week content marketing plan that pretty much eliminates any guesswork.

  • Blog and Article Titles and Ideas
  • Calls to Action recommendations
  • Podcast episode topics
  • Social media posts
  • Email campaign starters
  • Webinar topics.

Okay let’s go.


One time. Not monthly or yearly or whatever.
If you’re not energized and excited with what you get, you’ll get your money back.*

*Aha fine print I knew there’d be shenanigans. Nope, no shenanigans. MarketingSpark is in version 1. There are bound to be some ghosts in the machine. So here’s the deal – if you don’t love it, let us know so we can fix it or make it right, right away. If we can’t, you’ll get your money back. No hassles, no headaches.

How does MarketingSpark work exactly? Like break this down for me.

Sure. After you’ve paid, you’ll jump to an easy form with uncomplicated questions that you can answer conversationally. After you submit your responses you’ll jump to your unique MarketingSpark. From there you can download a PDF of your report to share, or access it whenever.

Is MarketingSpark some kind of best-practices, one-size-fits-all, generic-marketing-mumbo-jumbo generator?

No. MarketingSpark responds to your input, analyzes and interprets, and returns unique, specific, personalized and tailored insights, ideas and advice for you to take your digital marketing forward.

How is this possible? What kind of digital devilry is this?

You know how every other headline is about AI, how it’s the buzziest, trendiest, newsiest thing since, like, the Great Air Fryer Trend of 2020? But then when the noise dies down you’re not really sure if there was anything that great about it after all? MarketingSpark demonstrates what’s great about AI after all.

Interesting, so who's behind MarketingSpark?

Hey there, I’m Chris Bintliff. I’m the founder of a digital marketing agency called Not Really Rocket Science. I’m also a bonafide AI expert, certified from MIT in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I put these two competencies together to craft MarkingSpark.